So What Sort of Bisexual Are You?

What Sort of Bisexual Are You?

Pick one:-

Diet Coke
Full Fat Coke
Vanilla Coke
Diet Coke with Lemon
Dandelion and Burdock
Snakebite and Black

Your clothing... (check all that apply)

Lots of black
Tee-shirts with slogans
Leather trousers.
Leather underwear.
PVC, latex, or rubber.
"Simply Divine".
anything from Millets?

Do you identify as...

"don't like labels"?
none of the above?

In your bedroom you can find... (check all that apply)

Lots of condoms (unused)
Lots of condoms (used - in the bin)
Lots of cuddly toys.
Lots of sex toys.
Lots of sexy cuddly toys.
Artfully mutilated cuddly toys.
A computer.
A Palm or other PDA.
A four-poster bed.
Carefully positioned hooks or chains.
Black satin sheets.
Your lover(s).

Would like to meet?

Similarly inclined members of the other gender.
Similarly inclined members of the same gender.
Similarly inclined men or women.
Similarly inclined men and women.
Anything with legs (legs optional.)

Who knows your sexuality? (check all that apply)

I'm not sure myself.
Just me.
My lover and my closest friends.
My other lovers too.
My family.
Everyone who saw me on daytime TV.

Where did you see this quiz? (check all that apply)

a LiveJournal?
some other Blog?
in an email?
on someone's webpage?

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