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BiCon Sessions


One of the cornerstones of BiCon is the packed programme of sessions that we run; some political, some fun, some supportive and some relaxing. While we are intending to have a few outside speakers at these sessions, in the main they are run by the people attending BiCon.

Sessions are streamed into one or more 'threads': lifestyle; activism; sex and sexual health; fun and games; first-timers. These threads aren't meant to be prescriptive - a session can be in more than one thread, and some sessions simply defy categorisation altogether - but will act as a guide to suggest sessions you might like to attend, and will help me to avoid scheduling similar sessions alongside each other.

Full Timetable

The full timetable is here. You can also get individual timetables for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, if you want to print out a day's worth at a time.