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If you have booked in advance, registration will involve collecting your badge and attenders' pack from the conference desk, being given the key for your accommodation (if you are staying on site), and resolving any monies that still need to be paid.

If you have not booked in advance, you will also need to fill out a registration form and pay either a full registration fee, or the one-day registration fee in cash or as a personal cheque (unfortunately we lack the facilities to process credit card payments at the conference desk).

Full Registration

Registration rates for BiCon are on a sliding scale according to income. Rates are per person and cover registration for all four days.

IncomeUnwaged< 15k15-20k20-25k 25-30k30-45k>45kOrganisation delegates
Registration fee:£25£44£56£69 £81£94£119£125

One Day Registration

Single day registration rates for BiCon 2003 are as follows:-

IncomeUnwaged< 15k15-20k20-25k 25-30k30-45k>45kOrganisation delegates
Per day£12.50£22.00£28.00£34.50£40.50£47.00£59.50£62.50