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Why come?

Lizzy recalls her first BiCon

I first heard about BiCon in a USENET newsgroup. I was a little mystified. What was this "BiCon"? People explained that it was a conference or convention for bisexuals and their friends and allies. I thought this couldn't be for me after all - I'm not an activist, or particularly "out there". I'm just someone who finds both men and women attractive. I don't need to go to a conference.

But then people started talking about how much fun it was. It began to sound like a big party, and I was intrigued. I wondered if this might be somewhere I could go to meet people who thought a bit like me. So, I nerved myself up and booked a place at the conference.

"there was the most amazing atmosphere of acceptance"

When I got there, I was scared stiff. I didn't know anyone, and everywhere I looked I could see people who were obviously in their element. There were goths and hippies, gorgeous transvestites, people walking around in fetish gear in broad daylight, and plenty of people who looked as if they were normal like we, but obviously couldn't be because they looked so calm and happy. For a while I wandered around thinking, "What am I doing here? I'm in a strange place surrounded by 200 extrovert bisexuals!"

But then I started to realise that there was the most amazing atmosphere of acceptance. Everyone felt safe to be who they really were without fear of prejudice or incomprehension. And gradually I started to feel safe too.

I went to several workshops, and I learned quite a lot of new terminology. I was also exposed to a fair few new ideas, but no one was demanding that I buy into their beliefs. I spent evenings in the bar with a whole lot of friendly strangers, who somehow turned into friends by the end of the weekend. I met activists and polyamorists and masochists and a whole lot of people who had very little in common except for friendly natures and an interest in bisexuality. And we all had a lot of fun.

And now I'm hooked. BiCon is part of the year's calendar, and I end up there every summer. There's nothing like being in a place where, provided you don't hurt or upset anyone else, you are free to be whatever you want. It's the best party of the year, and an opportunity for serious political discussions, and a place to meet new people of all kinds.

And oh yes, there are lots of pretty people to chat up, if I can work up the courage.

-- Lizzy