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Why come?

What's a BiCon?

BiCon is a fun weekend-long festival for bisexual people and their allies, held at a different location in the UK each year. During the days we have a packed programme of discussions, talks, workshops and events to run alongside these such as film showings, treasure hunts, games and competitions. In the evenings there will be three nights of excellent entertainment including a spectacular BiCon Ball.

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Why should I come?

There are as many reasons to come to BiCon as there are people at BiCon! Some people come for the discussions of sexual politics, some to meet other bisexual people for the first time, and some come to relax and enjoy a space where, for one weekend, bisexuality is the norm. Coming to BiCon for the first time has been likened to attending a family re-union for a family you didn't know you had.

Of course, you're welcome to come even if you don't define as bisexual. You may have a bi partner, you may have bi friends, you may just not quite be ready to declare your sexuality yet. We won't be asking for proof on the door! Obviously though, you do have to be bi-friendly.

Is this a new thing?

No, BiCon 2003 is the 21st to be held. The UK has, perhaps surprisingly, the longest running bisexual community in the world. Come and join us as we celebrate this!

I'm scared - I won't know anyone there.

BiCon welcomes a large number of newcomers every year, and we have take special care to make every one of our attendees feel welcome. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet people and socialise in groups both big and small. Arriving without knowing anyone is likely, leaving without some new friends is rare.

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OK, I'm sold. How can I book?

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