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BiCon's Helping Hand

So you really, really want to come to BiCon (and let's face it, who wouldn't?). Problem is, you're not sure you could afford it. Well, rest assured we want you to come to BiCon too, and we can help out. A fair whack of our funds will be put aside in our "Helping Hand", and will be available to those who otherwise might not be able to cover the costs.

If you think the BiCon Helping Hand could make the difference for you, feel free to write to us at the address on the booking page or email us at helpinghand@. Give us a quick run-down of the kind of help you need. Maybe you feel ok about the registration costs, but couldn't cover all the accommodation. Maybe you need help for the total costs. Just let us know.

We'll be having two Helping Hand allocation meetings before BiCon 2003. One will be just after the deadline for discounted registration at the end of May 2003, one will be just after the final deadline for registration. If you think we can help, let us know as soon as you can. That way, there's a better chance enough funds will still be available. As soon as we've allocated the funds, we'll contact you to let you know how much help we can offer.

Paying by Installments

In some circumstances we can accept payment by installments, email us at helpinghand@deleted for further details

To summarise: We want you to come to BiCon 2003, so let us know how we can help.

Later version:

Applications to the helping hand fund have closed, watch this space for news on how the money was spent

NB: There is no money 'left over' in the helping hand fund. All the current BiCon budget has been allocated.

Helping Hand Update

"we have been able to help everyone who has asked for assistance"

Unfortunately, the deadline for the BiCon Helping Hand has now passed and the fund is now closed.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been able to help everyone who has asked for assistance. This has included financial help, provision of wheelchairs and accommodation for full-time carers.

Overall, the fund has assisted 30 people to attend BiCon 2003 who otherwise would not have been able to make it. We look forward to seeing all of you at BiCon. We're glad we could help.

Helping Hand 2004

Already we are thinking about next year, and assisting people who want to go to Manchester for BiCon in 2004, and to raise money for the 2004 Helping Hand Fund we will be holding an auction as part of the BiCon Faerie Tale Ball.

Among the goodies donated to us for auction are signed photos of James Marsters (Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and a caricature donated and signed by Stephen Fry (Wilde, Fry and Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster).